Boba Balls, Not Just For Tea!

Popping boba balls are always a staple in our toppings bar, but did you ever wonder where these tasty treats came from? Originally from Taiwan, boba balls are made from tapioca, which comes from the cassava root. When compressed into little balls they became popular when paired with all kinds of milky teas like Matcha and Oolong in bubble tea form. Tapioca boba balls are still widely used in a variety of teas which are available at select Yogurtini locations! 

Through the years, bubble teas have led way for the development of Popping Boba Balls, like the ones on our toppings bar today! Popping Boba Balls are a thin film filled with different flavored juice that will “pop” when chewed, making it a perfect companion for frozen yogurt! With the many different flavors of boba balls, there are endless combinations when paired with froyo. So if you’re looking to shake up your Yogurtini experience, we encourage you to add a few light and fun boba balls to your next swirl! Or try a Bubbletini tea to pair with your yogurt, and make it a whole boba meal! 

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