Spring Is Here And We’re On Board!

Now that the sun is finally shining again, we can look forward to all the awesome things this season has to offer. No longer are we stuck in the monotony of trudging through snow every morning to get to work, or wearing five layers just to keep warm. We can finally reach into the back of our closets and pull out flowery skirts and bright colorful jewelry! Here are just a few things we love about this season:

  1. Natural sunlight! With the sun setting later every day, we can finally enjoy the nice weather later in the evening.
  2. Floral everything. Scarves, hats, shoes, you name it, we’re all in for the flowery prints!
  3. Iced coffee, the most refreshing of beverages, can now be consumed without making us shiver.
  4. Melting snow which makes way for the opening of our favorite local trails. Getting in shape and enjoying the outdoors is the perfect pairing.  
  5. Yogurtini spring flavors! At long last, the light and refreshing froyo flavors we love have returned.
  6. Bright colors on every accessory, manicure and dessert. We’re over the dark and subdued, bring on the pastels!
  7. Warmer weather, with the occasional spring rain shower to make everything green and lush.
  8. Baby animals, because who doesn’t love to ogle at the little and furry?
  9. Picnics in the park. No longer are we confined to eating every meal inside!  
  10. Farmers markets on the weekends that bring us the latest fresh produce, plus they’re local!

For more inspiration on how to get the most out of this wonderful season, check out our Yogurtini Pinterest page. Happy Spring!