Beat the Winter Woes

January is here and for most of us that means colder temperatures, less sunlight and feeling like we’re constantly fighting with the weather. There are only so many activities you can do outside before all your snow gear is soaked through and spending too much time indoors can lead to serious cabin fever. Looking to shake it up? Check out our ten Winter Blues Beating activities:

  1. Game afternoon! Invite some friends over, pop some popcorn and make some cocoa while you pull out your favorite board games for some time away from a screen.
  2. Have a spa day! Break out all the new bath bombs, nail polishes and scented candles you got for Christmas for an afternoon of pampering yourself. Self-care is important, especially after the stress of the holiday season!
  3. Get ahead on Spring Cleaning. Too cold to go outside? Dig through a closet to keep warm! Sort through old clothes and household items to donate to local shelters and organizations. You’ll feel much better without all the clutter in your house!
  4. Start a new bullet journal. New year, new you, right? Write down your goals, schedules and lists for 2018 to keep yourself organized! For inspiration, check out our Pinterest board
  5. Cook a new recipe! Colder weather always calls for home-cooked meals, and while you’re snowed in there’s time to experiment. Go ahead; try out that recipe you’ve been meaning to make!  
  6. Volunteer at a local food bank or humane society. Give back to your community however you can, with time, monetary donations or by spreading the word about organizations in your area.
  7. Try a new Yogurtini flavor! When the weather outside is frightful, froyo can be so delightful! Whether you eat it in store, or take it to go, you can enjoy frozen yogurt anywhere!
  8. Grab a sled, call up some friends and hit the hill! Sledding is a popular pastime and if you have the right conditions it can be an exciting afternoon. Take it to the next level and build a snowy obstacle course to race your friends! Remember that you’re never too old to have a snowball fight too!
  9. Take up a new hobby! January is a month of new beginnings and is the perfect time to explore new activities, whether it be knitting, pottery, drawing or a snowy sport, the options are out there
  10. Need more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest page  

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