10 Times Yogurtini Was Obsessed With Fall

We’ll just come out and say it: we love fall. Cooler weather means scarves, pumpkin flavored everything, boots and cute Instagram pics from pumpkin patches! 

No longer are we stuck in endless months of hot sticky weather, where everything you wear is drenched in sweat by 1pm and all your drinks have to be on ice. Sure, sitting by the pool is nice; but sipping a warm latte as you walk through the fall colors while wearing your favorite jacket is the best. Today we list our Top 10 things we love about the best season:

  1. The smell and color of changing leaves—is there anything more beautiful than fading foliage?
  2. Crisp, cool air—no longer do your clothes have to stick to you!
  3. Darker lip colors—transitioning into the winter shades is always a fun experiment   
  4. Sweater weather—it’s all about the layer baby!  
  5. Boots—whether you’re a knee high person or a bootie person, all boots are created fabulous!
  6. Apple and pumpkin picking—foods that can be made into many  a delicious dessert and produce cute accompanying photos
  7. Corn mazes—getting lost in a vegetable crop has been a Fall tradition for generations
  8. Warm drinks—whether you indulge in the occasional PSL or the daily hot cocoa, warming up with a favorite beverage is always soothing (have you tried our coffee with a dollop of froyo?)
  9. Hats—a whole other level of accessorizing becomes available!
  10. Fall froyo flavors—like Apple Pie and Cinnamon Honey, a perfect companion to the season

We welcome Fall with open arms and encourage you to get out and smell the leaves! 

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