Swirltastic Customer Creations

Here at Yogurtini, we love frozen yogurt. We love having new flavors to sample and topping combos to experiment with. 

Froyo is a staple for us; it's there on the good days and the bad. For the days when we’re trying to eat clean, and have the NSA Vanilla swirl with berries and granola as a light snack; froyo helps us curb the cravings. For the times when we need that extra brownie on top or some extra volume on our swirl; froyo doesn’t judge.

Frozen yogurt is the perfect food to help friends come together and today we sample some amazing customer creations from around our brand:


We love this sister picture from Yogurtini Zona Rosa in Kansas City, MO submitted by Sonja Bachman!


And check out this delicious combination of chocolate frozen yogurt, strawberry, almonds and a slice of waffle cone from Yogurtini Lincoln, NE submitted by Jhoemer Calica Caldito. 

This couple decided to say  "I Do" to a lifetime of happiness (and frozen yogurt!) at Yogurtini Plaza in Kansas City, MO

submitted by Whitney Box and shot by Whitney Cathleen Photography.


These sisters can't quite believe their luck with this topped off swirl at Yogurtini Norterra in Pheonix, AZ submitted by Sace Phrommany Ryberg .


We're in awe of this beautiful acai bowl from Yogurtini in Smithtown, NY submitted by Paula Miller.


And, of course, who doesn't get this excited when they have their favorite swirl combination? Yogurtini Norterra in Pheonix, AZ submitted by Brandi Beaulieu. 


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