From the Mixologist

Who said you have to serve the same meal year after year? Check out our list of what to make to stay away from the same old boring holiday foods. 

This holiday season we’ll raise a swirl to prosperity and good cheer with an old favorite, Eggnog froyo. 

Pink Breast cancer awareness poster with October and the Yogurtini logo on it

This month we would like to give a special shout out to several of our stores who are fundraising for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Fall frozen yogurt themed cup with fall colored leaves

We’ll just come out and say it: we love fall. Cooler weather means scarves, pumpkin flavored everything, boots and cute Instagram pics from pumpkin patches! 

No longer are we stuck in endless months of hot sticky weather, where everything you wear is drenched in sweat by 1pm and all your drinks have to be on ice.

Nine froyo cups in a square.

Here at Yogurtini, we love frozen yogurt. We love having new flavors to sample and topping combos to experiment with.

Froyo is a staple for us; it's there on the good days and the bad. For the days when we’re trying to eat clean, and have the NSA Vanilla swirl with berries and granola as a light snack; froyo helps us curb the cravings.

Cubes of caramel

October is National Caramel Month and we are more than willing to pay tribute to one of our favorite toppings! Though the years, caramel has always been a solid (or liquid!) in the topping world; enrobed in chocolate, drizzled on our favorite swirl, or simply by itself. 

Cup of froyo with a mint garnish next to a mug of cocoa.

Good news! You can now enjoy your two favorite things, coffee and frozen yogurt, all in one shop!

Coffee and frozen yogurt are two ingredients we love every day, whether they’re together or separate, but paired together is like a match made in taste heaven!

Three people holding a giant check.

Throughout the past couple months; our country has been through more than its share of natural disasters and emergency situations. During these tough times, some of our franchise owners have gone above and beyond their duties in order to make their communities stronger. 

Pumpkin pie slice, and cup of pumpkin pie frozen yogurt.

Are you ready for colorful leaves, sweaters, knee-high boots, and cooler weather? So are we! As much as we love summer, fall is upon us and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Celebrate the changing season with our newest  Featured Flavor: Cinnamon Honey. This flavor will bring back all the smells and tastes of fall you love, and in the most delicious form. Try it as a solo swirl or top it off with a sprinkle of graham cracker and a spoon of caramel sauce for the ultimate autumn treat!