From the Mixologist

Are you planning a party, event or gathering this spring? Let us do all the hard dessert work with our local catering programs! 

Watermelon Sorbet is now swirling at your local Yogurtini; stop in before it’s gone! 

a branded cup of frozen yogurt sitting on a picnic bench with sunglasses and a picnic basket

Now that the sun is finally shining again, we can look forward to all the awesome things this season has to offer! 

Try out some of these new recipes next time you’re in and celebrate the return of Spring!

This light and fresh sorbet is a delicious addition to our spring froyo line-up and when paired with fresh berries, makes for a tasty treat!

With offerings for everyone, we look forward to serving you soon!  

We would like to congratulate our Wayne, NJ location on the success of their new Stir Yo’ Self drink bar! 

March is here and that means it’s time to break out the sunglasses, light flowy scarves and everything floral print!

coffee beans and a cup of cold brew on a wooden counter top

We are excited to announce the newest addition to the Yogurtini frozen family will be STOK Cold Brew Gelato!