From the Mixologist

SILK Vanilla Almond milk frozen yogurt in a Yogurtini branded cup

This month we are excited to announce the newest flavor to join the frozen family will be Silk® Vanilla Almond Milk Soft Serve!  

vanilla frozen yogurt in a yogurtini branded cup with fireworks in the background

Whether you’re partying with family or friends we have a few ideas to get you patriotically inspired!

man holding frozen yogurt

If you’re looking to switch careers and become your own boss while delivering the finest froyo to your community, we want to hear from you! 

Father’s Day is a special day to celebrate not only our own Dads but all the men in our lives!

edible cookie dough in a waffle cone

Our NEW Edible Cookie Dough Bar has arrived! Go ahead, lick the spoon!

boba balls

We all remember the bubble tea craze from a few years back, but did you know that out of that craze came one of our favorite froyo toppings? Boba balls! 

Are you planning a party, event or gathering this spring? Let us do all the hard dessert work with our local catering programs! 

Watermelon Sorbet is now swirling at your local Yogurtini; stop in before it’s gone! 

a branded cup of frozen yogurt sitting on a picnic bench with sunglasses and a picnic basket

Now that the sun is finally shining again, we can look forward to all the awesome things this season has to offer!