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Yogurtini Self Serve is the REAL deal – Are you sure you are eating REAL Yogurt?

Hi Yogurt lovers! I just want to let you know there are many yogurt shops serving what is NOT considered by the National Yogurt Association as REAL Yogurt. Yogurtini only serves REAL yogurt approved by the NYA that is healthy, fresh, low-cal and fat free!

Some shops will claim they are non-yogurt and we think it is good they are honest but, seriously? What is the point of that?

Below is an article the National Yogurt Association has posted on their site. So watch the fro-yo you are buying…is it REAL?

Don’t Be Fooled: Not All Yogurts Are Created Equal

For centuries, yogurt has been considered a healthful food. Researchers around the world are studying the potential attributes of yogurt containing live and active cultures in such areas as fighting yeast infections, preventing gastrointestinal infections, boosting the body’s immune system and preventing certain types of cancer.
But yogurt-lovers should take notice: there are products in the marketplace that take advantage of yogurt’s healthful image, but that do not contain live and active cultures. These include yogurt-covered candies and pretzels, and yogurt-containing salad dressings.

To dispel consumer confusion about yogurt, the National Yogurt Association (NYA) developed the Live & Active Cultures seal to help consumers readily identify those yogurts containing significant levels of live and active cultures. The seal is a voluntary identification available to all manufacturers of refrigerated yogurt whose products contain at least 100 million (108) cultures per gram at the time of manufacture. The seal also is available to manufacturers of frozen yogurt products.

Since the seal program is voluntary, some yogurt products may contain live cultures but not carry the Live & Active Cultures seal. Consumers should check the label for indications that the yogurt contains live cultures. But without the seal, there is no unbiased validation of the level of live cultures present in the product.

The National Yogurt Association is the national, non-profit trade organization representing the manufacturers and marketers of live and active culture yogurt products, as well as suppliers to the industry. Its purpose is to sponsor health and medical research for yogurt with live and active cultures and serve as an information source to the trade and the general public.

About Yogurtini:

Created by Tempe, AZ natives and sisters, Natasha and Chelsey Nelson, Yogurtini Self-Serve offers 10 premium rotating healthy and fat-free frozen yogurt flavors and over 50 toppings. The beauty behind Yogurtini is that customers have complete control. Upon entering, they simply grab a cup and start mixing. They can then visit the topping bar to add any or all of the toppings. Leaving nothing to be desired, the topping bar boasts over 60 toppings, with a wide variety ranging from granola, cereals and fresh fruits, to all kinds of candies, sprinkles, and even specialty items such as lychees, jalapenos and Sriracha hot sauce. After customers have filled their cups, they weigh their creation on a scale and pay for it by the ounce. At Yogurtini, the possibilities are endless. Simply swirl it, top it, weigh it, pay it.

Additional openings are planned throughout the greater Phoenix Valley and nationally. For more information about Yogurtini visit www.yogurtini.com or become a friend at www.myspace.com/yogurtini, www.facebook.com/yogurtini. You can also keep up to date on our flavor rotations and new creations through www.twitter.com/yogurtini. . If you are interested in partnering with Yogurtini as we expand locations, please contact us at franchise@yogurtini.com.